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  • Kwatani  for use in coal, diamond and base mineral sizing and media recovery

  • Kwatani Aerial photograph of Kwatani facilities in Aeroport, Kempton Park

  • Kwatani Single deck horizontal vibrating screen for media recovery in an iron ore application

  • Kwatani Horizontal double deck vibrating screen in an iron ore sizing application

  • Kwatani Management and production personnel at Kwatani





KWATANI, previously known as JOEST KWATANI, is a locally owned and operated South African OEM that has been supplying the African mining industry with vibrating equipment for 46 years.

KWATANI’s vibrating screens and feeders are engineered for tonnage and are characterized by their robustness and longevity.

All of our vibrating equipment is engineered and fabricated in-house and tailored to the customers’ specific application and processes.

Empowering South Africa

KWATANI’s shareholders and management embrace the transformation of South Africa and are committed to uplifting our employees and the communities in which they live. KWATANI is a Level 2 BBBEE contributor and 51% black female owned, making us the first Company in our class to exceed the Mining Charter requirements. In May 2015, we changed our name from JOEST to JOEST KWATANI to better reflect our operating philosophy, African heritage and overall commitment to transformation which is an important pillar our company’s strategy, and as a natural progression are now known as KWATANI.  

Important notice: Please be aware that all our other details including our banking details, VAT and company registration number remain unchanged.


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