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About us

From humble beginnings

Established in 1976, we commenced operations 44 years ago from humble beginnings. In 1989 Gunter Vogel purchased JOEST South Africa, a small company which imported motors from Germany and assembled small vibrating equipment. Under Vogel’s guidance, JOEST successfully integrated local technology into the original German designs boosting efficiencies in the harsh African mining environment.

In 2015, JOEST entered into a partnership with black-owned consortium Vhatsila Holdings to form JOEST KWATANI to better reflect our operating philosophy, African heritage and overall commitment to transformation which is an important pillar our company’s strategy. In 2016, JOEST KWATANI changed its name to KWATANI in its final transition to position itself as a company with a proud African history. Today KWATANI has supplied most of South Africa’s major mines with custom-built vibrating equipment, and has a significant machine population with thousands of vibrating screens and feeders operating in the heavy and precious metals and minerals markets. Today we are a fully independent, privately owned South African OEM that is recognised as an industry leader in vibrating equipment solutions throughout South Africa, Africa and beyond.

Gunter Vogel,  Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder
Gunter Vogel

Kwatani engineers for tonnage

“We are uncompromising in our determination to deliver high quality customised vibrating screen and feeder solutions engineered for tonnage or as in the African language Swahili “KWA-TANI”. Our dedication to customer service and supporting our customers’ uptime has helped us build long-term partnerships with some of South Africa’s leading companies. Characterised by robustness and longevity, all machines are designed and fabricated in-house, tailored to customers’ specific applications and processes.”

Gunter Vogel, founder of Kwatani and Chairman of the Board. 

Kwatani’s Vision

KWATANI’s enduring mission declares our purpose as a company. It is the reason for our existence. “KWATANI strives to be the preferred materials handling equipment and service provider in Africa, with a dedicated professional team producing engineering excellence and value for all its customers and social environment.” The Board of Directors of KWATANI.

Kwatani’s Values

KWATANI’s values guide our behaviour in the work environment including our daily dealings with customers, suppliers and our employees. Our board of directors, management and employees pledge to uphold ethics, integrity and excellence in all our business dealings.

We believe that adherence to and respect for these values have made us a successful company and will continue to allow us to be successful, if we strive to live by these values every day.

Kwatani’s six company values

Customers are fundamental to our business. At Kwatani, we deliver on our promises and strive towards being a supplier of choice with whom it is a pleasure to do business.  We build mutually beneficial, long term relationships.
We strive to take an honest, fair, ethical and transparent approach in everything we do. It’s not about being popular; it’s about doing the right thing.
We take personal ownership of our decisions, our actions and our outcomes. We deliver on our promises, acknowledge mistakes and never pass the blame.
We challenge ourselves and pursue excellence. We aim to better understand our customers' requirements and are continuously working to innovate and improve our products, services and business processes.
We are passionate about our business, our products, our quality, our technology and our service. We show pride in our brand and heritage.
We believe in Ubuntu - sympathy, kindness and respect for our employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. We build trust.

The people of Kwatani

Our greatest asset is our competent, skilled and passionate team of people. KWATANI employs 190 dedicated employees, who are fully qualified and committed to producing work of outstanding quality.