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KWATANI, previously known as JOEST KWATANI, offers a comprehensive range of drives comprising of exciter gearboxes, un-balanced motors, electromagnetic super feeder drives and smaller magnetic drives

Our exciter gearboxes are engineered and manufactured in-house to the most stringent quality standards. KWATANI’s exciter gearboxes are compatible with the prior JOEST JR range of exciter gearboxes and offer an improved, robust, housing design for longer in-service life and reduced noise levels of below 85dB.

Kwatani unbalanced motors

Our un-balanced motors have been engineered to KWATANI specifications and are manufactured exclusively for us in partnership with one of the world’s leading motor manufacturers in Europe. KWATANI’s unbalanced motor range match the footprint of the prior JOEST JV motors and offer design improvements which will result in extended uptime for Vibrating Equipment, as well as improved ease of maintenance.

A two-year extended warrantee is available on KWATANI motors when combined with a long term service contract.

Kwatani magnetic drives

Electromagnetic super feeder Lockers drives are engineered and manufactured in-house and smaller magnetic drives are sourced exclusively from AViTEQ in Germany. Our range of magnetic drives provide accurate material handling on both small and high volumes. Rugged design and simple mechanical construction results in long service life. Our product range supports a broad range of applications.

AviteQ Drives
Kwatani Aviteq magnetic drives for batch or control logic