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Empowering South Africa

Kwatani is the only OEM supplying vibrating equipment with a BBBEE Level 1 status - the highest rating achievable.  Significantly, Kwatani is a 100% female and 51% black female owned company.  This exciting and sustainable collaboration brings together entrepreneurial passion and a vision to create value.  Our customers benefit to claim 135% of their procurement spent on Kwatani for their own BBBEE scorecard under multiple categories.

The Mining Charter stipulates that 70% of goods procured by mines must be locally manufactured.  With more than 80% local content, Kwatani scores highly on this requirement as the only large South African OEM of vibrating equipment that is independent of any international company.  Our technology and products are 100% South African and we import very few components or materials.




RSA Flag in African Continent
RSA Flag in African Continent